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Check out our new website    scruzclimate.org        



If you missed our Thu Aug 3rd meeting you can watch the video of Paul Hawken discussing the book    

More details  Website - Solutions summary 

Short video version 12 mins



June 23 - Naomi Klein - New "The LEAP" Movement (currently focussed on Canada but great ideas)


The People's Climate Movement March for Climate, Clean Jobs and Climate Justice,  April 29th, 2017

Thanks to all the over 600 participants and supporters

 Speakers included Mark Stone, Fred Keeley, TJ Demos, Prof, UCSC and Susi Moser

Sponsors included Ecology Action, WILPF, CONIFR, Santa Cruz Indivisible, Citizens Climate Lobby, Campaign for Sensible Transportation

More March Photos on this page and even more on facebook


June 28 Marine Sanctuary Threatened - Trump's exec order threatens the Davidson Seamount with oil drilling - Submit comments - Let's FLOOD them with indignation

detailed article by San Jose Mercury


Gary Griggs Sentinel Article June 11, 2017 and his new Sea Level Rise Report

Sea-Level Rise in Santa Cruz County - downloadable leaflet

Rising Seas Art Project to raise public awareness 



June 13  We supported City of Santa Cruz Paris Accord Resolution 

Resolution    and made a ppt presentation  (5mins)   

You can thanks the council   citycouncil@cityofsantacruz.com


Recent excellent short videos

The Story of Climate Change (April 2017)   13 min,     

 The Solutions to Climate Change (April 2017) 8 min

 Starring  Bill McKibben, James HansenMustafa Ali, Kathrine Hayhoe, Maggie Gyllenhaal


Check out the Santa Cruz Calendar  for SCCan, 350 and other local events


TRUMP RESISTANCE PAGE   Indivisible links

Sanctuary - Santa Cruz Ordinance Passed 3/14   


Planet Watch Radio - Sundays 2-3  Joe Jordan and Rachel Ann Goodman talk to guests about a variety of climate change related topics

KSCO AM 1080 facebook page older shows at zbsradio.com


Environteers New local climate website and facebook page - includes many volunteer opportunities


new Climate Change article by Cabrillo Professor Rick Nolthenius and

4/20/17 The New Post-IPCC Climate Science - link to ppt


Climate Update ppt - presented at Grange 4/6/17


Santa Cruz Climate Speakers Group

Schedule an event for your civic group, church, school or other group.

Teacher Resources - NGSS section added Aug 2016 - forward to teacher friends

- great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Climate Change 


New Movie AWAKE, A DREAM FROM STANDING ROCK  link  very moving!!


Link to update on  Monterey Bay Community Power


Mar 28 2017 - Link to CARBON LAW details - how to stay below 2 deg C

Global CO2 emissions from energy and industry have to fall in half each decade. 


ALL MAJORS BANKS are FUNDING the Dakota Pipeline and others!

See Dakota Pipeline Page      TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT!!      

More on Money              Divestment info from a local bank        More at Divest/Invest 


Transportation Page - 2017 garage Fight.  Sep 2016 Guardian article on the follies of Car Culture   Useful links on succesful programs  Stanford     Portland


Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) This national group is working hard to get a carbon fee and dividend law passed. The local branch meets the second Saturday of every month.

Contact Lynda Marin <lmarin@cruzio.com>


Strike Day - Jan 20th-Santa Cruz - click to see great video of the Wall Falling on Trump  


4th UCSC Climate Conference Feb 24/5 link to interviews with the expert speakers  Link to recordings of panels 

note start "Communicating" section 20 mins in


Oil Trains - Philips 66 Permit Denied! The potential train through Ca including Elkhorn Slough prevented thanks to many including John Leopold.


Food and Water Watch Opposes Extension of Cap and Trade for CO2


New Movie "Before the Flood" by Leonardo DiCaprio Watch on line  FREE or contact paulineseales120@gmail.com to borrow video  


Measure Z - Banning Fracking in Monterey Co

won by 13% YEAH!!!     (Yes 56%,  NO 43%)

But the legal fight is now on

See website http://www.protectmontereycounty.org/


New report to keep BELOW 2 deg C NO new wells or coal mines.

Recent Analysis Debunking Oil Industry Claims 

New medical study shows negative health effects of fracking  



Interview with founders of THE CLIMATE MOBILIZATION - 30 mins worth watching - 10/27


New Tesla Solar Roof tiles/batteries Video


Interesting New Technology OTEC Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

links to paper by Alan Miller   dropbox with complete details  


We’re under attack from Climate Change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.    

Article by  BILL MCKIBBEN August 15, 2016

Here's another McKibben article called Recalculating the Climate Math Sept 22, 2016 

For an alternative view see

Beyond climate change: visions for a just and sustainable future

 website with more info and this recent article


July 2017 Global Temperature records 


World Climate News including Louisiana Floods


Excellent movie on LOCAL climate change effects - Climate Change Hits Home: Santa Cruz


Climate Science Update

Pioneering interdisciplinary work linking climate, civilization, energy consumption, and global wealth by cloud physicist Tim Garrett, identifying  important constraints on how these collectively evolve. These links will get the reader started...
YouTube lecture                           PowerPoint link

Paper:  "No Way Out? The Double Bind in Seeking Global Prosperity Alongside Mitigated Climate Change"             

 Sign petition against Exxon urged by James Hansen


Cool new website - includes waste free living 


 Buffets Ark  New plea from Jim Hansen to Warren Buffet

Also see  Climate Emergency  Watch James Hansen's own video of his new "alarming" paper.  


 For a GREAT education on Climate Change sign up for the Cabrillo Astro 7 course Weds eves 6-9pm - taught by Rick Nolthenius - flyer


Fracking and Oil Effects   Health, earthquakes  etc  new page May 2016 



   Older Links


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